Not a friend of Legos, anymore


Lego Friends? Not your girls’ friend. Did girls not have enough choices in the doll category? Why doesn’t Lego focus on creating parts for things that girls like to BUILD, instead of more dolls with a selection of handbags? From what I understand of this new line, it focuses more on girls’ interest in interpersonal relationships, and therefore doesn’t do enough to nurture their spatial skills, which is the whole point of Legos, isn’t it?
OK, girls aren’t that interested in building racing vehicles. What are they interested in building?  Why wasn’t that the question Lego set out to answer? When I was a child, I spent hours and hours creating structures with my legos. Skyscrapers, houses, castles, cities. NOT vehicles. And NOT dolls.
My other pet peeve with Legos and all their kits that tell kids – boys or girls – exactly what they are supposed to make. General pieces that can be used for an endless variety of creations are more truly creative. A Star Wars vehicle – put these pieces here, in this order – not so creative.
Now that’s creative play

When you are choosing toys for children this holiday season, keep this question in mind: Are major toy companies interested in children’s healthy development? Or are they interested solely in profit? Then shop at local toy stores for toys made by small, independent companies. Maybe a set of generic wooden blocks would serve the child in question better.

Also, consider the Nagging Nine. (Oh look, there’s Lego!)
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  1. And, oh yeah–Is she holding a cocktail?

  2. Agreed! I used to love LEGO and even remember the sets of generic blocks from when my oldest son(now 9) was small. Now it is all highly stereotyped kits that stifle imagination. Very, very disappointing.

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