More on rape culture

After Steubenville, there is a petition to ask the National Federation of High School Associations, which offers annual required trainings for coaches in order for them to remain accredited, to partner with nationally recognized activist organizations to develop a course on sexual violence prevention for high school coaches. It has over 67,000 signatures.

Also, a petition has been started asking Huffington Post to stop demeaning and objectifying women in their “news” articles. This is a strategy of posting photos of half naked women with salacious headlines, also known as link bait.” That one has just a few signatures so far.

@EverydaySexism is on Twitter calling out Facebook for its hypocritical policy on rape pages.

Facebook claims not to allow depictions of violence, threats of harm, bullying, harassment or hate speech. But pages about rape and rape jokes, and jokes about violence against women are regularly condoned. Also Facebook doesn’t allow nudity, so depictions of breastfeeding are removed.

@EverydaySexism has been alerting advertisers that their ad may appear alongside a rape page.

Apparently the president said something inappropriate about the California attorney general, supposedly a compliment, but essentially diminishing her professional achievements by calling attention to her appearance.

This writer explains “The Rules” on when you can compliment a woman:

This entire premise is flawed. The idea isn’t to identify some specific set of “rules” so that you can get away with as much as possible. The idea is to interact respectfully with women and treat them like human beings. You don’t need to learn the rules, you need to change your ridiculous dinosaur brain.

Women didn’t set up this system—you did. These so-called “rules” that you’re finding so oppressive, about when and how you should compliment women? These rules aren’t the system—they are negative space pushing against the system. They are a reaction to the millions of rules set up by a patriarchal culture that has told women for millenia how to behave and dress and interact with men. YOU are the one with all the rules. We are trying to break them.

What is the ultimate expression of the sexism and the objectification in our culture? Teen girl kills herself after photos of gang rape distributed.

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