Branding: Here’s a new one

The logo for the Disney / Pixar movie Cars, on the airplane wing of my Alaska Airlines flight.   Would you put the Planes logo on your car if Disney paid you?     … [Read more...]

Looking for better options this Halloween?

This dad went shopping with his two daughters for a Halloween costume. At the super store they found a "boys career" section with doctor, fireman and astronaut costumes. What was in the girls "career" section? Trick question. No such section. But … [Read more...]

Hunger strike at Guantanamo: US perpetrates human rights atrocity

Today I will set aside the blog post I planned on issues in marketing, media, and childhood, because I cannot remain silent about the human rights crisis the United States is allowing to happen at the Guantanamo Bay prison. A hunger strike at the … [Read more...]

April Fool’s from the Boston traffic department

Today, a little media humor of the road-sign variety. The streets of Boston are notoriously tortuous, poorly marked and filled with over-the-top aggressive drivers. This street sign, reflective of the situation, always makes me laugh as I drive … [Read more...]

A reading list from the Twitterverse

Some of the best items I've found around the internet this week. From CNN, Why I'm quitting Facebook: "Today, I am surrendering my Facebook account, because my participation on the site is simply too inconsistent with the values I espouse in my … [Read more...]

Around the web looking at marketing, news, movies, screen-time

The failure of media on climate change coverage. #medialiteracy Children and teens who spend time watching television, playing video games or using the computer right before bedtime are likely to take longer to fall asleep than those who watch … [Read more...]

Twitter is hip. A Thursday reading list.

Do you follow me on Twitter? If you are interested in the topics we talk about here, then please follow me @mktgchildhood. Every day I scan through the Twitterverse, blogs and news sources to find the most thoughtful, well-researched and … [Read more...]

Girls taking a stand against sexualization in the media

Today's video is only about 5 minutes, and compelling.High school senior Yanique Richards describes here how she feels personally violated by the daily barrage of sexualized images in the media. She speaks directly to younger girls, telling them to … [Read more...]

Today’s links: Influential ad creator calls for ban on marketing to children, plus more on advertising and industry

Alex Bogusky, influential advertising exec, calls for end of advertising to children. "What if we decided that advertising to children was something none of would engage in anymore? ...  A lot of things would happen and almost all seem to be for … [Read more...]

Eyes open for marketing hypocrisy

Yesterday’s question of the day: Do you trust Disney? Well, today’s question of the day is related. Do you trust any corporation to have your best interests and those of your children at heart? Yesterday I posted what I thought would be just a quick … [Read more...]