Houghton Mifflin brings execution horror into classrooms

“Houghton Mifflin’s Channel One News makes the execution of James Foley the top news story for students down to the third grade. Picture of executioner holding the knife that beheads James Foley is shown to middle school students.”

Read more:  Houghton Mifflin brings images of ISIS execution into classrooms. Jim Metrock, at Obligation Inc., shows you exactly what  children as young as 6th grade saw, if their schools still have Channel One News.

Find out if your schools still show Channel One News and demand that they stop.
Jim Metrock has been fighting Channel One News for nearly two decades, and is close to success. “I hope that you’re mad enough that you’ll do something about it.” Near the end of this video, he tells you how to act:

Go to your school, show them this video, tell the principal you don’t want Channel One wasting school time and bringing this type of content to your kids anymore.

Then get your neighbors to join you, in the school office or at a school board meeting.

Then write letters to the Houghton Mifflin people responsible – contact info provided at end.

Very few schools still have Channel One, thanks to Jim Metrock.
But millions of kids are still forced to watch, and started the school day and the school year with an execution.

We can eliminate Channel One today.


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