Branding: Here’s a new one

The logo for the Disney / Pixar movie Cars, on the airplane wing of my Alaska Airlines flight.

Cars logo on plane


Would you put the Planes logo on your car if Disney paid you?

Planes car




  1. Planes, trains and automobiles? Ambient advertising abounds and product placement has infiltrated even the most sacrosanct institutions, from schools to hospitals. (think you saw my piece on Shaping Youth on in-school commercialism as a back to school branding checklist?

    This is more of an ambient ‘corp partnership’ tho, like the SeaWorld/SW air visual…Makes me think of urban wallpaper, tho it’s probably only a matter of time ’til ads take to the air in “dronevertising” as we’ve already seen with dropping sodas into the mindshare trenches: (‘The sky’s the limit!’) Thx for the catch on this, Erin…time to pay closer attention to our mediated environs in surround sound.

    • Thanks for your contribution to this conversation, Amy!
      Readers I recommend you check out these links, which add context to the issue.

  2. Thx, Erin also ck out hashtag #AmbientAds as we’ll be seeing a LOT more of this…I’m now following a guerrilla marketing agency that deploys a lot of the ambient ads too-fascinating recon and yes, um, brilliant work but…as the Banksy (attributed) quote sums-> 😉 Ahem.

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