Psychotherapist and mom says: Boys have feelings, it’s time for their toys to catch up

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Wonder Crew: More than Just a Toy – Expanding Boys’ Play!

Just a few more days to make this positive product for boys a reality.

I’m thrilled to present this guest blog post by another parent who is taking action. As a mother of boys, I’m especially excited that Laurel Wider is addressing this need in boys’ play. She is now raising funds to launch the product line.

By Laurel Wider

I’m a mom, psychotherapist and now founder of Wonder Crew, a line of toys that bring connection and feelings into boys’ play.

So how did a mom turn toy inventor? In my therapy practice, I’ve worked with several boys and men who have painfully grappled with impossible stereotypes of masculinity. Boys are raised to prioritize toughness and self-reliance, but when internalized, this can lead to isolation, depression and sometimes aggression. But then last year my son came home from preschool with the idea that “boys aren’t supposed to cry.”  I was floored that my own son had gotten ahold of this message! After taking a step back, I realized that of course he wouldn’t be immune to the boy/man code.

Toys are a big part of kids’ childhoods, as I began to pay more attention to toys marketed to boys, it occurred to me that so many of them emphasize muscles and aggression and NONE offered a play experience that encouraged connection or even friendship.

Play is how children learn, which means toys have the power to impact the way… Thrilled by the way STEM and positive body image toys have begun to show up as options for girls, I want to help expand the way boys see themselves and the world around them.

The Kickstarter has launched. With its success, we’ll go into production and begin to address the developmental needs of the whole boy.

You can support Laurel here:

Wonder Crew: More than Just a Toy – Expanding Boys’ Play!


Also, here’s the TV interview.

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