Girls taking a stand against sexualization in the media

Today’s video is only about 5 minutes, and compelling.

High school senior Yanique Richards describes here how she feels personally violated by the daily barrage of sexualized images in the media. She speaks directly to younger girls, telling them to consider carefully what they want to associate themselves with. “You make the foundation of how you want to be envisioned,” she says.

“Ask questions, be knowledgeable,” she says to young girls. “Don’t be naive and think for one second the media isn’t trying to… sell something.”

Ileana Jimenez, a NYC feminism educator, adds that many of her students “know that what they’re looking at is trash.” They feel a responsibility to combat it, she said, but don’t know how.

Media literacy education she believes, is crucial to changing this rampant sexualization in the media.
This video was created in connection with the SPARK Summit:
Sexualization Protest: Action, Rebellion, Knowledge
An event at Hunter College in New York on October 22 intended to ignite a movement against the sexualization of girls.
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