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cnn screenshotThe failure of media on climate change coverage. #medialiteracy

Children and teens who spend time watching television, playing video games or using the computer right before bedtime are likely to take longer to fall asleep than those who watch less or none, according to new research.

Margot Magowan reflects on a positive showing for women and girls at the Golden Globe awards.

New York Times notices a marketing link between video games and manufacturers of guns, knives and combat gear.

Memo to Media: Manhood, Not Guns or Mental Illness, Should Be Central in Newtown Shooting – Jackson Katz

What are the cultural narratives from which school shooters draw lessons or inspiration? This does not mean simplistic condemnations of video games or violent media — although all cultural influences are fair game for analysis. It means looking carefully at how our culture defines manhood, how boys are socialized, and how pressure to stay in the “man box” not only constrains boys’ and men’s emotional and relational development, but also their range of choices when faced with life crises. Psychological factors in men’s development and psyches surely need to be examined, but the best analyses see individual men’s actions in a social and historical context.

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