Violent airplane movies and traveling with children

This is what US Airways thinks is ok for children of all ages to see while riding in its planes. That is someone’s head he’s got the gun held to. The movie contained this and many, many other images of violence. Also a provocatively dressed woman tied up. But that goes without saying.

Here’s what US Airways has to say about its movies, from its website:

Most movies have been edited for general audiences and do not necessarily reflect the views of US Airways. Some material may be considered objectionable to some viewers.

So that’s their paltry weasel excuse. And how can parents shield their children from these images for two hours during a long flight when the images are on numerous overhead screens all down the middle of the airplane? They can’t. How do you get to Grandma’s house on the other coast for holidays, without flying? You don’t.

What to do when this happens to you? Write a letter to the company’s CEO.


  1. I think the people who are responsible for choosing which movies to show in flights are not doing their jobs properly. There are thousands of GP rated movies out there, it will be easy to choose.

  2. They should only show family oriented films and not those who can offend people. Thank you for sharing this.


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