Images of women we would like to see more often in marketing

Got off my bike to snap this one. Because it made me happy.

Nothing on my blog gets more hits than this one: Research shows positive media images do a world of good.

People searching on “positive images of women athletes,” “positive images of women,” and “sexualized female athletes” find this post.

Coming in a close second: More positive images of women athletes.

Marketers of beer, athletic gear, and also LL Bean, please take note.
Women and girls want positive images of strong confident women and girls.
Women and girls do not want to be objectified, sexualized or pornified.

This photo comes from, which to me is kind of a mysterious organization as there are no names on the site to explain who is behind it. Positive media seems to be their thing.


  1. This is a great article, and a great topic to explore. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You are spam, Nilly. Your link goes to a website for an erectile dysfunction ad.

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