FCC vs. Comcast

On April 6, a federal appeals court ruled that the Federal Communications Commission does not have the authority to force Internet service providers to keep their networks open to all forms of content.
The FCC has sought to protect net neutrality — that is, the requirement that internet service providers offer equal treatment of all web traffic. But the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit found that the agency does not have the power to stop cable giant Comcast from slowing traffic to a popular file-sharing site.
Stevie Converse, Multimedia Manager at Free Press, said at the CCFC summit that as a result of this decision, there is no law right now regulating internet service providers. They can censor whatever they don’t like. “Whatever your primary issue is,” she said, “Media reform has to be your No. 2 issue,” because of the need to keep access to the internet free so that you can disseminate your message.

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