Girls are not always the victim

I was very interested to see this letter in the Boston Globe Magazine:

More to the Story
I read Marianne Jacobbi’s “A Mother’s Tally” column ( Coupling, March 7), and as a male pediatrician who sees mostly young men, I sense a different story. Jacobbi makes the young women seem like victims, and yet today they are often pushing and even in some cases shaming young men into being their sexual partners. Men are not as vocal (verbally or in print), and this part of the story is not being told. This must change, because many young men are being hurt and harassed, and they need to be heard as much as the young women.
Mark Friedman / Westwood

Dr. Friedman makes a good point. This is an issue that deserves more attention. My friend recently told me her son had been pressured for sex in 8th grade by a girl. Eighth grade. Kids are 13 or 14 years old in 8th grade. It’s going to be a long way through high school for a kid who starts having sex so young.

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