Activist group says focus on advertisers successful

What can I say, I don’t always agree with the Parents Television Council’s ratings, but I love this news. I’ve hated Two and a Half Men ever since they told my little boys about threesomes.

We were on the plane going to California to visit their grandparents, and the boys were ages 7 and 10. The show was being aired on the overhead screens, when the lead “actor,” Charlie Sheen, started discussing the possibility of going to bed with two women at the same time. The little boy was there in the scene, too. And now Sheen’s being prosecuted for assault on a woman? How not ironic. Sheen deserves jail time for the assault on our culture represented by this show.

(The airline also deserves disdain, but I’m not sure which one it was anymore. I did write a letter to American Airlines back then to complain about their entertainment offerings. Strip clubs are appropriate viewing for the general audience found on planes?)

Back to PTC. Here’s what they said:

“In the first quarter of 2010 alone, PTC activism led a quarter of the sponsors to withdraw from Nickelodeon’s Glenn Martin DDS and Fox’s American Dad; more than a third of the sponsors to pull out of Fox’s Family Guy and The Cleveland Show, and Spike’s Blue Mountain State; and almost HALF the sponsors to drop CBS’ Two and a Half Men! The PTC thanks all its members for the phone calls and emails they made to the advertisers on these shows.”

The PTC says they contacted each advertiser on “Two and a Half Men” to warn them about the content of the show, which,

“barrages viewers with sexual scenes and jokes, and frequently airs foul language. There are countless jokes involving oral sex, male genitalia, and luring women into bed – and all of these situations often include dialogue with a child actor.”

So, good.

P.S. What can you do? Keep writing those letters. You don’t need to do it as part of the PTC program – you can write letters on your own. It counts.

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