Hollywood execs admit: We were wrong!

That was the headline I was imagining. 

Young man on bus reading one of the Hunger Games books

So to bring you up to speed, The Hunger Games, featuring a strong, non-sexualized female protagonist who is not looking for romance, had a record-breaking opening weekend, with the third highest domestic gross of all time. At $155 million, it was also the highest grossing non-sequel EVER. And 40 percent of the movie-goers were male. Including my younger son, 13, who brought a buddy who hadn’t read the books. They both loved the movie.

And what Hollywood biggies should be saying is “Gentlemen, we have been leaving a lot of money on the table by insisting that  men and boys won’t see a movie about a mere female.”

So that brings me to the topic of the day:

I thought it would be fun to start compiling a list of movies that feature a female lead that my boys, and other boys, enjoy.

Here are some that my kids have liked over the years:

Cul de Sac comic strip featuring Alice – a comic strip we all enjoy at my house

Movies for younger kids:
Lilo and Stitch
Secret of Roan Inish
Spy Kids (girl and boy)
Nim’s Island

Movies for older kids:
Fish Tank
Alice in Wonderland
Mirror Mask

Also, as teenagers, I’d let them see Haywire. With ratings creep, this isn’t too bad despite its R rating. The video games they play are probably worse for them.

And then there’s Bridesmaids, which lots of men enjoyed. They found out by word of mouth it was funny, and they showed up.

Do you have boys? Can you add to my list? Please put them in the comments! Thanks.

(By the way, I’m sorry for neglecting you, my dear readers. I’ve been busy working on this.) 

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