Movie review: Brave – Funny, wise, original. Bring the kids.

Princess Merida in my own backyard? My 13-year-old son, PD, asked me if I thought the movie Brave would pass the Bechdel test. I said, “Let’s go and find out.” We grabbed 16-year-old son, RL, as we headed out the door. It was such a great … [Read more...]

Hollywood execs admit: We were wrong!

That was the headline I was imagining. Young man on bus reading one of the Hunger Games booksSo to bring you up to speed, The Hunger Games, featuring a strong, non-sexualized female protagonist who is not looking for romance, had a … [Read more...]

Percy Jackson vs. Transformers 3: Media influences on your boys. Which message do you prefer?

I came across two reviews of current media offerings directed at young boys, from the perspective of what they teach children about gender and stereotypes.The difference is stark. At Achilles Effect, Crystal Smith finds the Percy Jackson series by … [Read more...]

Movie Review: Winter’s Bone

I highly recommend Winter's Bone–with its excellent messages about female strength and courage, as well as the damaging effects of illicit drugs–for older teens. What’s with movie ratings? Apparently any mention of illicit drugs earns an R, but you … [Read more...]