A photo essay: What can a girl be?

I took a stroll through the toy aisles of a major retailer with my camera. The aisles with toys for girls are conveniently color coded with pink. The boys’ aisles are blue, of course. This helps you find the correct and proper toy for your children. Also, it helps children understand what is the correct and proper toy for them. Here’s what I found in the girls’ aisle.

In the pink aisle, girls can see their whole future laid out before them.

After babies, and then these dolls in their cute little tiny sparkly pink dresses, they can move on to choose either a princess or a popstar. Or be both! Whee!

Also, there are various kits that will help you develop your “look.”

What follows? “Strut It.” Naturally. Girls need to know that their most important asset ultimately is their looks and sex appeal. So after ensuring that they look hot and alluring, they should be displaying themselves.

And that’s about it in the pink aisle. Sexy dolls and some kits to make stuff to make you prettier.

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