One Billion Rising to demand an end to violence against women

(Warning: The pictures in this post are disturbing, and I would say that they should not be viewed by children, except that, the problem is children are seeing this kind of thing. You should know.)
This international event is happening tomorrow. It’s called One Billion Rising, intended to demand an end to violence against women.


How does media contribute to violence against women? So many, many ways.


How about dead women to sell fashion?
America's top model
This is from one of the competitions in America’s Next Top Model.

How about gang rape to sell fashion to teens?

Rape jokes to sell vodka?

rape ad for vodka

Dead women to sell music to teens?

kanyewest monster 4
(Still from “Monster” video by Kanye West. Do you have kids? They have probably seen this video. Take a look.)

How about a PETA ad that purports to be about animal welfare? The woman is wearing a neck brace and is battered because her boyfriend went vegan and is now highly sexually potent, and apparently can’t control himself. So she is badly injured. But you’ll notice in the very last clip, the smirk. She secretly likes being beaten up. That’s a good message for kids.

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