I want your kids to have this media literacy book

This is my first opportunity to give something away. Thrilling!

I wrote about this book, Made You Look, which is a really terrific book for young people to learn about how advertising works and how it targets them. Annick Press then sent me a paperback copy.

I believe in the importance of media literacy, especially now that children are exposed to media at such high rates – according to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation study, an average of over 7 hours a day, not even counting multi-tasking overlap. I have found that there are very few books that help children to understand how marketing works in their lives. So I want to give this book to someone who will see to it that some more kids read it.

What do I want from you? I would like your stories. Please tell me how you have talked with children about advertising and other media that come into their lives.  Talk about how you have dealt with incoming negative messages, or found ways to keep them out of your kids’ or your students’ lives. How have you helped to guide those children through the wilderness?

I will pick the best and publish them, because it’s tough out there, and we could all use a little help in this effort. Your stories about your successes or failures may help a parent, a teacher, a grandparent, somewhere.  I will maintain your anonymity by using only first names and general location, unless you say otherwise.

I will choose one of those best ideas at random (actually, I’m going to pick my fave) and send this book to the author, at my expense. You don’t need to include your address when you write to me initially – I will ask you for it later. Just please include your name and location! My email address is emcn17 @ gmail.com. If you are the one who gets the book, please think about donating it to your school, after your kids read it. If not, go get it from the library or order it from your local bookstore. Spread the word!

UPDATE: The winner of the book

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