Talking with boys about pornography

Since I have posted previously about the problems of ready access to pornography on the internet, I wanted to share this discussion from Ask the Mediatrician, which may help you when talking with your kids. This comes from the Center on Media and Child Health in Boston.

In the post, a mother asks how pornography impacts boys’ ideas about women and relationships. The Mediatrician, Dr. Michael Rich, points to several studies finding that viewing pornography at a young age does have a harmful effect on relationships, and can lead to unhealthy sexual attitudes and behaviors.

He does have some helpful advice, including this:

“Although unquestioned and undiscussed exposure to sexually explicit material has been associated with negative effects of children’s sexual health, you can address your child’s curiosity about sex in ways that supports healthy development and the kind of understanding of sex and relationships you’d like them to have.”

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