How the media train boys to be sexist

Watch this trailer from the Media Education Foundation, which highlights the powerful messages boys are getting from current popular media. Or, as they put, "Takes aim at the forces in male culture that condition boys and men to dehumanize and … [Read more...]

Questions about readily available soft-porn images and our little boys

UPDATE: Please see below regarding new research. I snapped this photo at a local CVS drug store. This is a selection of the magazine covers displayed at the eye level of 6- to 12-year-old boys. Pornography is said to be addictive and can cause … [Read more...]

Effort to stop release of brutally misogynistic Kanye West video

____________________________________________________________ Update: Adios Barbie announced June 27 that MTV has confirmed it will not air the video.It’s official folks, and you heard it here first: MTV and VH1 will not air Kanye West’s “Monster” … [Read more...]

Internet porn: addictive, may have long-lasting ill effects on youth

After I read this disturbing article in Psychology Today about the potentially very harmful effects of today’s brutal, extreme and widely available internet pornography on a young person’s developing sexuality, I immediately gave it to my 14-year-old … [Read more...]

Talking with boys about pornography

Since I have posted previously about the problems of ready access to pornography on the internet, I wanted to share this discussion from Ask the Mediatrician, which may help you when talking with your kids. This comes from the Center on Media and … [Read more...]

Children’s exposure to porn extremes up in last 10 years

In the British magazine Psychologies this month is a pretty troubling article about teens looking at pornography on the internet, including on their internet-enable phones:  Are teenagers hooked on porn?The magazine says this has become an … [Read more...]