What can a boy be?

A boy and his dad

On the first nice day of spring in the Boston area, I caught site of this little boy pushing his pink stroller alongside dad, who was pushing his own stroller.

Read about the problems with pink marketing at The Mamafesto:

Beyond boxing girls in and not providing them with an array of choice (and yes, please keep pink among those choices, but don’t limit it to *just* pink!), when we attach pink to all things girly then we box boys out, creating stigma and shame for those boys who happen to like pink.

Also, according to the mother of a young boy I was recently talking with, it is very hard to find a stroller that isn’t pink. So, here’s the logic: pink is for girls, so strollers are for girls, and fathers don’t take baby out for a stroll and boys don’t emulate their dads. True or false?

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