Victoria’s Secret wants you to love your body

So that’s what those ads are about. They actually want me to love my body, not feel totally crappy about it so that I will rush out to buy an undergarment intended to make it look more appealing to other people.


File under #irony




In the ultimate irony, the ad has landed next to a slide show on Huffington Post calling out bad photoshopping. VS, you’re not getting your money’s worth!


  1. Karma, baby. I actually find the juxtaposition of the Victoria’s Secret ad against the bad PhotoShop spread to be delectably apropos…

    (In fact, being ornery, I hope Seth Matlins et al use it as a demo at the Congressional hearing for H.R. 4341 Truth in Advertising Act about the public health toll on boys’ and girls’ body image expectations w/kids’ psyches sinking in a pop culture quagmire) Surreal.

  2. You could read it: love your body instead of loving this grotesque distortion of one. Not what VS intends, of course!

  3. Maybe the karma will work …

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