Pornification on Fox: Strippers and Toy Story 3

We watched The Simpsons again last night. I thought it was safe to go back since the regular season is over. A promo for a new show rated featured a very, very scantily clad stripper from the back and side, gyrating. This is softcore porn. The ad … [Read more...]

Fox TV, pornification, boys

As images that used to be considered obscene gradually become accepted by mainstream media audiences, marketers need to keep pushing the envelope, leading to the increased pornification of our culture. When Fox Broadcasting shows S&M images to … [Read more...]

Fox undermines parents trying to protect their kids

Fox emphasizes parental responsibility over government regulation, but then goes around parent choices in its advertisingLast week, Fox Broadcasting Company aired an ad with a drawing depicting sexual bondage during The Simpsons, a show that I allow … [Read more...]

What’s OK for your kids to watch? FOX doesn’t care

I do drop my standards a little bit, and let the kids watch The Simpsons. There are some scenes that are not exactly appropriate for kids, but it's a smart show and funny, so I let it go, maybe talk with them about it later. The biggest problem, … [Read more...]