Be aware that corporate marketers will seek access to your kids

Never, ever doubt that corporations are always on the lookout for creative ways to market to your child in any venue they can – especially if they can do it when you are not there. My kids have become alert reporters of inappropriate marketing to … [Read more...]

"See something? Say something." Advertising version

"Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?" I had decided to get lunch at a new restaurant in town. I believe in supporting local business. Then I saw this cute little marketing card on the counter. And it made me feel not so good about … [Read more...]

Around the web raising awareness of harmful messages to children

 For today, media messages to children that parents should be aware of:Shaping Youth: Boys, Body Image and Sexualization: An Equal Opportunity Destroyer Shaping Youth photoChristian Science Monitor: Disney bans junk-food ads, but seeks to … [Read more...]

Newspapers in the classroom: sex, violence, sexual violence

(Update: They've darkened it up slightly, so the video is not quite as in-your-face as it was originally, until you move the cursor over it. Still, the half-naked woman as hostage is still plain as day when the page comes up, as well as the bloodied … [Read more...]

Marketers gone wild

A nice special-occasion dress for sale last weekend in Harvard Square.I  stopped in a few clothing shops this weekend, and was, I have to say, dumbfounded. There were logos on the outside of everything. Everything! Sure, I couldn’t find a pair … [Read more...]