Parents see their children hurt by stereotyped toy marketing, demand that retailers stop

Some parents across the pond decided they have had enough of the gender-stereotyped toy marketing that is being pushed on their kids by retailers. They got organized, and less than a year ago, Let Toys Be Toys burst onto the scene. They have had … [Read more...]

Just a toy? No.

How many times have I read an article criticizing stereotyped toys and toy marketing followed by a bunch of comments to the effect that "Relax, it's just a toy." What these misguided commenters fail to understand is the importance of play to … [Read more...]

Art inspired by marketers who unfairly target children

A special treat today. Works of art, one a poem and one a mixed-media drawing/collage, that draw inspiration from a sense that children are unfairly targeted by marketers in our society. This is a work by Massachusetts mixed-media artist Edward … [Read more...]

Zero tolerance: Punishing children for being children

Just after the 9/11 attack, a friend of mine watched a lot of television coverage. Then she noticed her 3-year-old child building Lego towers and flying little airplanes into them. Kids process their world through play. Also, they mimic what they … [Read more...]

On the impossibility of protecting children from media violence

When the kids were younger and watched football and baseball on television, there was a time when they were watching a game and a promo for one of the networks’ other shows came on during the commercial break. My two little boys witnessed, during the … [Read more...]

Time to learn how to create your own video games

I told my 13-year-old son, PD, that if he was going to spend so much time playing video games, then he would have to learn how to program his own games. Because if there is one thing I have learned over two years of writing about the subject, Media … [Read more...]

Be aware that corporate marketers will seek access to your kids

Never, ever doubt that corporations are always on the lookout for creative ways to market to your child in any venue they can – especially if they can do it when you are not there. My kids have become alert reporters of inappropriate marketing to … [Read more...]