Art inspired by marketers who unfairly target children

A special treat today. Works of art, one a poem and one a mixed-media drawing/collage, that draw inspiration from a sense that children are unfairly targeted by marketers in our society. This is a work by Massachusetts mixed-media artist Edward … [Read more...]

On the impossibility of protecting children from media violence

When the kids were younger and watched football and baseball on television, there was a time when they were watching a game and a promo for one of the networks’ other shows came on during the commercial break. My two little boys witnessed, during the … [Read more...]

BOOK – Gender stereotypes: How boys are harmed by the media’s twisted portrayal of how to be a man

Book Review The Achilles Effect: What Pop Culture is Teaching Young Boys about MasculinityMy son picked up my copy of The Achilles Effect, by Crystal Smith, and started reading aloud about toy action figures that have bulked up to superhuman … [Read more...]

Get out the popcorn, it’s movie time! Sigh.

It’s summer, so I’ve been thinking about movies. This week, my husband and I watched a movie that did not pass the Bechdel Test. What’s that? Why, it’s a pretty funny, in a sadly telling way, measurement of a movie maker’s view, either of  … [Read more...]

Supermarket adventures with a cynical boy

They were going out the door to the grocery store, Dad and younger son, PD. So I shouted after them, “No soda and no individually wrapped cheese slices!”My husband asked what was wrong with that kind of cheese. Well, mainly, that it’s not actually … [Read more...]