Supermarket adventures with a cynical boy

They were going out the door to the grocery store, Dad and younger son, PD. So I shouted after them, “No soda and no individually wrapped cheese slices!”

My husband asked what was wrong with that kind of cheese. Well, mainly, that it’s not actually food, I said.

So there they were in the cheese aisle reading the nutrional labels, and that led to comparing saturated fat contents. They found out that the wrapped American cheese slices have a lot less saturated fat than real slices of cheddar. I guess that’s because plastic doesn’t have a lot of fat.

They ended up choosing a low-fat version of cheddar slices because it was only a little higher in fat than the individually wrapped American, and used low-fat milk, not some weird combination of chemicals to produce a low fat version. I was very proud of them, although I think PD was a little bit disappointed. He headed up the household cleaner aisle next, and pulled a bottle of toilet bowl cleaner off the shelf.

“Here, Dad, why don’t we buy this?” he said, sarcastically. “This doesn’t have any saturated fat.”

Since we’re on the subject of fat, here are some interesting links:
A recent study in Australia finds that a high-fat meal could trigger asthma. Meanwhile, on the obesity issue, The Washington Post is calling Michelle Obama’s latest action a “show of administrative muscle.”
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