Eye-opening media literacy film – must see for parents and teens

I told my 14-year-old son that some of the $17 billion that marketers spend on marketing to children is used to hire psychologists, sociologist, behavioral scientists, even anthropologists, to study children and their behavior and find ways to get … [Read more...]

Update – Being present: kids, parents, internet, TV

And another study finds that "...parents themselves are what children would miss most if they had to spend a day without them (68%), beating TV, games, films and the internet."This one comes from a publication directed at marketers. … [Read more...]

Resolved: to be present

I had been away from my family for many weeks. Everyone else had moved back to New England while I stayed a little longer at my job in DC. I arrived home for good, late on a school night, after a 10-hour drive. As a reward, I got a huge hug from my … [Read more...]

Millennials and their parents on the radar screen of marketers

Sometimes you find the most interesting things way down deep in an article. Here's a story from the Boston Globe about 40-something mothers with crushes on teen idols, like Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward Cullen on the Twilight movie series. Why, … [Read more...]

The sleeping giant awakens: US government gets active

The FTC has a launched a new effort to teach kids about advertising, which is interesting because the FTC lost its authority to oversee advertising to children in 1980. I'm wondering if this is the beginning of an effort to get that authority back. … [Read more...]

Less is More

Last summer, my younger son had the opportunity to go on a whale watch boat with a camp he was attending. The tour actually came upon a small pod of whales with a baby whale that were just off the side of the boat, really close. My son was thrilled. … [Read more...]

Parent education is critical

Speaking to Dr. Tim Kasser at the CCFC summit, he showed me some small booklets given to him by some people attending from Brazil. They were in Portuguese, but he suggested that a similar guide in a similar form would be a good thing to hand out at … [Read more...]