Still a virgin?

 Don't like the barrage of unhealthy sexual messages to your pre-teens and teens? Just turn off this giant billboard (advertising a movie) that reinforces the idea to young people that there might be something wrong with them if they aren't … [Read more...]

It’s so easy to block out prevailing cultural norms

This week, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a statement, Sexuality, Contraception, and the Media, that was published online and in the September print issue of the journal Pediatrics. The barrage of inappropriate and damaging exposure the … [Read more...]

Children’s exposure to porn extremes up in last 10 years

In the British magazine Psychologies this month is a pretty troubling article about teens looking at pornography on the internet, including on their internet-enable phones:  Are teenagers hooked on porn?The magazine says this has become an … [Read more...]

Pornification on Fox: Strippers and Toy Story 3

We watched The Simpsons again last night. I thought it was safe to go back since the regular season is over. A promo for a new show rated featured a very, very scantily clad stripper from the back and side, gyrating. This is softcore porn. The ad … [Read more...]