Vote today in the bad toy contest

"Creepy" monkey

It’s the TOADY. I do enjoy this annual contest, to select the worst toy of the year, as a counterpoint to the Toy of the Year award – the TOTY – which is sponsored by the toy industry. Sometimes the choices in both contests are strikingly similar.

Some mighty tough competition this year. Lot of debate over whether the LEGO Friends salon set deserves a place here. I think it does. However, I will go ahead and say that there is no doubt that turning a ball or a stuffed animal into a vehicle for playing games on a screen is a very sad use of those otherwise very healthy, pro-imagination toys. One commenter said the monkey, above, which is designed to hold an iphone in its belly, “makes me feel the most sick to my stomach.”

Don’t miss out. Today is the last day to vote for your choice.

Update: The much deserving, triple trademarked Fisher-Price™ Laugh & Learn™ Apptivity™ Monkey, won the top spot with one-third of the votes.

Lego Friends Butterfly Beauty Shop came in a close second.

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