Online roundup: Disney critique, food marketing, modeling bad taste, women (not) on big screen, stereotypes hurt boys

Every week I read compelling stories online that I usually find via Twitter and then share via Twitter. To make sure my precious blog readers don't miss these great pieces, I'm going to try to post excerpts from the best more frequently. Modern … [Read more...]

More social action news: Collaborating for positive messages for girls

The sexy Merida transformation sparked outrage, and now it has sparked something positive. Activists in the fight against sexualization of girls have formed the Brave Girls Alliance to work for healthy media images and messages for girls. The … [Read more...]

Disney turns the heroine Merida into a sexy babe, sparks outrage

The big news this week: Disney makeover of the brave and tough Merida into sexy vamp provokes outrage, and Disney dials it back. She loses the archery gear, and now she's got a sparkly, off the shoulder dress, a curvier body, and perfect, sexy … [Read more...]

Reading List: Disney Princess Week

Surely National Princess Week deserves to be the impetus for a reading list. Photo: Rebecca Hains  Rebecca Hains: point is this: The Disney Princess marketing machine is SO huge, so far-reaching, that it’s hard to avoid … [Read more...]

Cinderella Ate My Daughter, and she’s chomping on me, too

My sister and I used to love to dress up in my mother’s old prom dress, which we found deep in a closet in the attic. It was a pale pink, with lots of fluffy petticoats.  The flouncy skirt thrilled me. It rose up and whirled with me as I spun … [Read more...]

Friday reading list

 I came across a few good reads this week that I wanted to share: Your Tango: Is TV biased against female sexuality? The message in the ad discussed here is that “women deserve sexual satisfaction.” Now that’s a much different message than the … [Read more...]

NPR’s Diane Rehm asks Michael Eisner about Disneyfication

Yesterday, Diane Rehm, an NPR talk show host, interviewed former Disney CEO Michael Eisner. In a wide-ranging interview, she questioned Mr. Eisner as to whether the presense of Disney in the lives of children is too large and too influential. For … [Read more...]