Friday reading list

 I came across a few good reads this week that I wanted to share:

Your Tango: Is TV biased against female sexuality?

The message in the ad discussed here is that “women deserve sexual satisfaction.” Now that’s a much different message than the one girls usually get from advertising, which is that they exist to provide sexual satisfaction to males. So, an antidote?

Pigtail Pals blog: Smoke, mirrors and princesses

A reader of the anti-gender stereotyping blog declares, “I am a Guerrilla Pigtail Pal, and my developing specialty is in dismantling the smoke and mirrors of corporate childhood.”

Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood blog: A tale of two school districts

A school district in Minnesota votes to allow school lockers to become advertising billboards, and why it’s a mistake.

Weighty Matters blog: The “but parents can just say no” argument 
Wall Street Journal: Keeping kids’ consumerism in check

LA Times: The news is, that pitch was paid for

Exposing paid promos on local television news stations, including toy pitches to parents.

Dr. Robyn: Would you speak up or would you let your child say these words with the rest of the team?

Parents object to a racy cheer for little girls, and as a result their 6-year-old gets kicked off the cheerleading team.


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