Brazil bans advertising to children

Banned because it's abusive. Amazing to see a country respect children's needs over corporate profits. When will the U.S. do the same? Here is a summary based on a Consumers International article: The National Council for the Rights of Children … [Read more...]

Ads on school buses, ads on thighs: This week in the world of media

I have learned this week that a lot of people are interested in positive, non-sexualized images of female athletes. I’m glad. What else? Read on:These states have legislation pending to allow ads on school buses:Florida, Idaho, Kentucky, Ohio, … [Read more...]

Slightly off topic, but everything is connected

How are genetically modified Salmon related to anti-incumbent fever? And how do they both relate to the topic at hand – marketing, media and childhood? Two items in the news today got me thinking. The Washington Post reports that the first … [Read more...]

Unhealthy messages to children and what to do about it: a Thursday reading list

Offbeat Mama asks if we can change "princess culture."Media Macaroni has an opinion about girls not on film, Pixar and Despicable Me.The American Psychological Association talks about raising healthy kids in a sexualized media … [Read more...]

Can’t stomach Shrek’s onions

So apparently kids WILL eat onions if Shrek’s face is on them, the Wall Street Journal finds. To go along with this news, last week a Yale study was published that found children like the taste of snack foods with licensed characters on them better … [Read more...]

You subsidize corporations that market junk to your kids

Marketing is a deductible business expense. How do you feel about subsidizing corporations that market sex and violence to your kids? How about junk food? Do you feel like subsidizing them? If we subsidize them, shouldn't we have a say in what … [Read more...]