Study: Media literacy education helps protect children from the harmful effects of media messages

Media literacy education is effective in reducing risky or antisocial behaviors among children and youth of all ages and for all topics of focus, such as tobacco use, violence and sex, according to researchers who conducted a comprehensive review of … [Read more...]

Modern-day anthropology: What happens when culture is shaped by profit-making entities?

Here, an absolutely fascinating article in the New Yorker about anthropologists who studied both a small tribe that hunts and farms in Peruvian Amazon, and what must be their absolute modern-day polar opposite; middle-class families in Southern … [Read more...]

Around the web raising awareness of harmful messages to children

 For today, media messages to children that parents should be aware of:Shaping Youth: Boys, Body Image and Sexualization: An Equal Opportunity Destroyer Shaping Youth photoChristian Science Monitor: Disney bans junk-food ads, but seeks to … [Read more...]

Still searching for just where Lego made the wrong turn

The Lego Friends maelstrom continues. Here's an update. These two videos thoroughly deconstruct gender stereotyping in Lego marketing:Feminist FrequencyIn part 1 of my two part LEGO and Gender series, I’ll explore how LEGO went terribly wrong with … [Read more...]

Why Media Education Matters

Today's post is a reprint of a letter titled "Why Media Education Matters," written by Sut Jhally, founder and executive director of Media Education Foundation. This message explains the truly urgent need for media literacy education. “We … [Read more...]

How the media train boys to be sexist

Watch this trailer from the Media Education Foundation, which highlights the powerful messages boys are getting from current popular media. Or, as they put, "Takes aim at the forces in male culture that condition boys and men to dehumanize and … [Read more...]

Percy Jackson vs. Transformers 3: Media influences on your boys. Which message do you prefer?

I came across two reviews of current media offerings directed at young boys, from the perspective of what they teach children about gender and stereotypes.The difference is stark. At Achilles Effect, Crystal Smith finds the Percy Jackson series by … [Read more...]

The case for media literacy education in public schools has never been more clear

It turns out the American Coal Foundation has been teaming up with Scholastic, a supposed educational publishing company, to insert its message into elementary schools by way of fourth grade lesson plans. Scholastic enjoys a reputation among parents … [Read more...]

Media literacy success in middle school

One discussion about media literacy can benefit hundreds of children. Join the conversation, spread the word, help kids stand up for themselves.It was just a year ago that I talked with my son’s fifth grade teacher about the need to help … [Read more...]

Media literacy education conference, Boston

This week I will be attending the Action Coalition for Media Education conference on April 7 at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. … [Read more...]