No, your baby can’t read: Deceptive and unfair marketing to new parents

The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood is taking on Your Baby Can Read. The company tells parents in infomercials that their baby can learn to read from watching the company's videos, which are similar to flashcards. This is deceptive marketing … [Read more...]

Good TV? Yes!

Complain about harmful messages in children’s television shows, and be prepared for the attack: How dare you use television as a babysitter? How dare you consider taking a quick break from the perpetual work of parenting a small child, and pop in a … [Read more...]

It’s so easy to block out prevailing cultural norms

This week, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a statement, Sexuality, Contraception, and the Media, that was published online and in the September print issue of the journal Pediatrics. The barrage of inappropriate and damaging exposure the … [Read more...]

Call for comments: classroom technology and young children

A friend recently told me that she was frustrated with her daughter's middle school because they had converted the cooking room into a computer room where her child could now "virtually" stir a stew on the screen. There is definitely a way to use … [Read more...]