Children’s exposure to porn extremes up in last 10 years

In the British magazine Psychologies this month is a pretty troubling article about teens looking at pornography on the internet, including on their internet-enable phones:  Are teenagers hooked on porn?The magazine says this has become an … [Read more...]

Do you want to be a pretty princess?

My sister has two little boys, too. She told me a story about a ride in the car with them. D., your classic "toughie," just three years old, had picked up one of his mother's sparkly gossamer scarves, and put it around his neck. Boys like … [Read more...]

This video made me cry

If you have any doubts about the onslaught hitting our kids. Not to mention ourselves. If you think any individual family can block the harmful messages coming from a multi-billion dollar industry.UPDATE: See newer post, Eyes open for marketing … [Read more...]

New tips for: Covering up those unsightly anxiety wrinkles

I was 13 when I had an epiphany about marketing, and it was Seventeen Magazine that I have to thank. Every month I would look forward to getting the new edition in the mail. One day I realized that after flipping through the magazine, I felt bad. I … [Read more...]

Fox TV, pornification, boys

As images that used to be considered obscene gradually become accepted by mainstream media audiences, marketers need to keep pushing the envelope, leading to the increased pornification of our culture. When Fox Broadcasting shows S&M images to … [Read more...]

Fox undermines parents trying to protect their kids

Fox emphasizes parental responsibility over government regulation, but then goes around parent choices in its advertisingLast week, Fox Broadcasting Company aired an ad with a drawing depicting sexual bondage during The Simpsons, a show that I allow … [Read more...]

What’s OK for your kids to watch? FOX doesn’t care

I do drop my standards a little bit, and let the kids watch The Simpsons. There are some scenes that are not exactly appropriate for kids, but it's a smart show and funny, so I let it go, maybe talk with them about it later. The biggest problem, … [Read more...]

How to take a stand against sexualization

Did you love Little Miss Sunshine? Too funny when (spoiler alert) she does that completely inappropriate stripper dance at the end of the pageant, which her grandfather taught her. Of course, the audience is shocked and her parents are aghast. That, … [Read more...]

Big black eye for Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon's won the worst toy award this year, by a wide margin, mainly due to Nick's callous disregard for the welfare of children, according to comments by voters. So here are free and easily accessible games that are totally … [Read more...]

What’s on?

Ratings Legend Show may include gratuitous sex, explicit dialogue, violent content, or obscene language, and is unsuitable for children. The … [Read more...]