Last day to vote for worst toy

Today is the last day to vote in the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood worst toy contest.

Why I voted for the EyeClops mini projector:

This outdoor projector represents a new threat to childhood, and among the choices, is the most difficult for parents to control. In the past, when the children were outside we could be reasonably sure they were away from television. Now, that TV can find them anywhere. If it’s on showing movies or the football game at the family picnic, that’s a lost opportunity for playing with cousins and talking to aunts, uncles and grandparents. If the children go to an outdoor party with friends and the hosting parents decide to show something on the screen, that’s a lost opportunity for socializing, for having fun playing touch football or tag or some other child-created game. The screen is almost a given today for any inside gathering. It would be too bad for the screen to become a fixture for outdoor activities. And imagine that the family in the next campsite has brought this thing along and is broadcasting the Red Sox game or Top Chef into the woods. That would surely spoil the camping experience for my family.
I can choose not to buy the nail station or the HALO toy. I can block Nickelodeon. And I can steer clear of the preschool with the workstation, although I will feel very sad for the kids who do go there. But this one is going to come and find me someday and I’m going to be steamed.
Both of my boys also selected this projector for the TOADY award, with the workstation coming in second.
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