It came in through the mail slot

This piece of advertising entered my home uninvited this weekend, and that really annoyed me.

I called the 800 number immediately and asked to be taken off the mailing list. And then, even though they didn’t ask, I told them why. We are raising boys here, I said, and we are not raising them to view women as a collection of body parts. I didn’t say it because I thought the message would ever actually reach the management, but because maybe I could plant a seed in the mind of the young woman on the other end of the phone line.

I don’t mind that this company creates and sells this product, so much. It’s not such a bad product, really, and could help some women feel more confident. But I certainly don’t want to see an entire catalog in my home devoted to pinching and squeezing a woman’s body parts into the correct shape.

And by the way, we’ve got equal opportunity body image insecurity exploitation here. Note the language: “zoned performance” crew,  available in three STRONG styles. A little heavy-handed there, eh?

Look how much money there is to be made convincing women, and girls, that there is something wrong with them. It’s an obvious move to target men – the market is wide open! I don’t want my boys exposed to that either.


  1. Right on! But feel free to give the company my address instead. I'll sneak it into my bedroom before the boys get home from school… Oh, the mixed messages we give our children! But really interesting post. Thanks.

  2. Heh, heh, so true. Gotta watch those mixed messages. Or at least hide them under the mattress!

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