BOOK – Gender stereotypes: How boys are harmed by the media’s twisted portrayal of how to be a man

Book Review The Achilles Effect: What Pop Culture is Teaching Young Boys about MasculinityMy son picked up my copy of The Achilles Effect, by Crystal Smith, and started reading aloud about toy action figures that have bulked up to superhuman … [Read more...]

New report puts numbers to sexualization of girls on television

You already know that television is full of inappropriate and unhealthy sexual content for children and teens. If you need any more reasons to turn it off and speak out, take a look at a new report by the Parents Television Council that documents the … [Read more...]

Body hate is up. Let’s change the conversation.

In the latest disturbing news, research published in the December issue of Pediatrics finds that eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia are on the rise, and is showing up in new places: among younger children, boys, minorities and lower income … [Read more...]

Media literacy success at school

My son, R, was so eager to tell me that his Freshman Advisory teacher was going to do a unit about media literacy, and was using the documentary film “Consuming Kids,” that he couldn’t wait, and sent a text message from school. So we’ll leave the … [Read more...]

Research shows positive media images do a world of good

The hoopla over the degrading photos of Glee actresses in GQ magazine reminds me of a similar phenomenon in which female athletes pose nude for men's magazines. Elizabeth Daniels, a psychologist at the University of Oregon, has been studying how … [Read more...]

It came in through the mail slot

This piece of advertising entered my home uninvited this weekend, and that really annoyed me. I called the 800 number immediately and asked to be taken off the mailing list. And then, even though they didn’t ask, I told them why. We … [Read more...]

A Thursday reading list

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been reading through many publications and blogs, and I’ve compiled here several important, interesting or elucidating links to help you sort through the marketing and media wilderness. FCC vs. Fox A measured look at the … [Read more...]

Friday reading list

Two interesting reports on: teen alcohol consumption, and obesity1. Partnership for a Drug Free America report finds teen girls are drinking more than boys, to relieve stress and worries. From the story in Newsweek: "But girls may be less … [Read more...]