Research shows positive media images do a world of good

The hoopla over the degrading photos of Glee actresses in GQ magazine reminds me of a similar phenomenon in which female athletes pose nude for men's magazines. Elizabeth Daniels, a psychologist at the University of Oregon, has been studying how … [Read more...]

It came in through the mail slot

This piece of advertising entered my home uninvited this weekend, and that really annoyed me. I called the 800 number immediately and asked to be taken off the mailing list. And then, even though they didn’t ask, I told them why. We … [Read more...]

Talking with boys about pornography

Since I have posted previously about the problems of ready access to pornography on the internet, I wanted to share this discussion from Ask the Mediatrician, which may help you when talking with your kids. This comes from the Center on Media and … [Read more...]

Beauty pageant makes slimy bid for viewers

I've got some serious reservations about an organization that refers to a beauty pageant as "wholesome" family entertainment. However, the Parent Television Council is warning that the Miss USA pageant scheduled for Sunday ay 7 p.m. has turned into … [Read more...]