NPR’s Diane Rehm asks Michael Eisner about Disneyfication

Yesterday, Diane Rehm, an NPR talk show host, interviewed former Disney CEO Michael Eisner. In a wide-ranging interview, she questioned Mr. Eisner as to whether the presense of Disney in the lives of children is too large and too influential. For … [Read more...]

Shopping adventures with the cynical boys

When the boys got back from camp a few weeks ago, they had a craving for some goodies after a summer of wholesome cooking over an open fire. This is what we bought: This is not, trust me, what we usually put in the shopping cart. But even on this … [Read more...]

What does Hannah Montana have to do with fishing?

At the lake house we rented for a family vacation, there was a fishing pole. Here is my niece trying to catch a fish in the lake. The purple fishing pole reel has a Hannah Montana logo on it. I was amazed. Branded play is everywhere.It shouldn’t have … [Read more...]

A Thursday reading list

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been reading through many publications and blogs, and I’ve compiled here several important, interesting or elucidating links to help you sort through the marketing and media wilderness. FCC vs. Fox A measured look at the … [Read more...]

Eye-opening media literacy film – must see for parents and teens

I told my 14-year-old son that some of the $17 billion that marketers spend on marketing to children is used to hire psychologists, sociologist, behavioral scientists, even anthropologists, to study children and their behavior and find ways to get … [Read more...]

Can’t stomach Shrek’s onions

So apparently kids WILL eat onions if Shrek’s face is on them, the Wall Street Journal finds. To go along with this news, last week a Yale study was published that found children like the taste of snack foods with licensed characters on them better … [Read more...]

Do you want to be a pretty princess?

My sister has two little boys, too. She told me a story about a ride in the car with them. D., your classic "toughie," just three years old, had picked up one of his mother's sparkly gossamer scarves, and put it around his neck. Boys like … [Read more...]

New tips for: Covering up those unsightly anxiety wrinkles

I was 13 when I had an epiphany about marketing, and it was Seventeen Magazine that I have to thank. Every month I would look forward to getting the new edition in the mail. One day I realized that after flipping through the magazine, I felt bad. I … [Read more...]

Will your child eat onions if Shrek’s face is on them?

I'm not absolutely sure this isn't an April Fool's joke, but since the press release is dated May 20th, well, let's assume it's for real. Apparently Dreamworks has worked out a huge number of cross promotional deals, including one with Vidalia … [Read more...]

Extra credit: find the hidden ad

If kids learn anything from the government's new advertising awareness video game, Admongo, they will notice that Scholastic has taken advantage of the opportunity to market its own brand.As this article in Slate points out, the poster for Admongo … [Read more...]