Around the web raising awareness of harmful messages to children

 For today, media messages to children that parents should be aware of:Shaping Youth: Boys, Body Image and Sexualization: An Equal Opportunity Destroyer Shaping Youth photoChristian Science Monitor: Disney bans junk-food ads, but seeks to … [Read more...]

Not a friend of Legos, anymore

Source: TheBrickBlogger.comLego Friends? Not your girls' friend. Did girls not have enough choices in the doll category? Why doesn’t Lego focus on creating parts for things that girls like to BUILD, instead of more dolls with a selection of handbags? … [Read more...]

A reading list from the @mktgchildhood Twitter timeline

Time again for a roundup of interesting reading I have found and posted on Twitter with a focus on the topic of selling our kids to the highest bidder.(Do you follow me on Twitter? If you are interested in the topics we talk about here, then please … [Read more...]

Ads on school buses, ads on thighs: This week in the world of media

I have learned this week that a lot of people are interested in positive, non-sexualized images of female athletes. I’m glad. What else? Read on:These states have legislation pending to allow ads on school buses:Florida, Idaho, Kentucky, Ohio, … [Read more...]

Cinderella Ate My Daughter, and she’s chomping on me, too

My sister and I used to love to dress up in my mother’s old prom dress, which we found deep in a closet in the attic. It was a pale pink, with lots of fluffy petticoats.  The flouncy skirt thrilled me. It rose up and whirled with me as I spun … [Read more...]

Media literacy success at school

My son, R, was so eager to tell me that his Freshman Advisory teacher was going to do a unit about media literacy, and was using the documentary film “Consuming Kids,” that he couldn’t wait, and sent a text message from school. So we’ll leave the … [Read more...]

Review: Ameba TV, a library of children’s programming

The exciting thing about Ameba TV is that it gives you access to children’s shows created by studios large and small all over the world, and all commercial-free. Meanwhile, those producers gain access to an audience and to revenue. And that can only … [Read more...]

Interview: Alex Bogusky and Susan Linn on Mad Men and our Children

 This video is an hour long, but once you hit play, you'll be hooked.Alex Bogusky, the interviewer, is a former top gun advertiser who recently decided that advertising to children is wrong. In an essay on his blog, he called on all advertisers … [Read more...]

I’m all lost in the supermarket, I can no longer shop happily.

I had the opportunity to spend some time with my little 3- and 6-year-old nephews this week. They came all the way across the country from the place where it's always warm and sunny. I took them into the Shaw's supermarket for about three items. That … [Read more...]

Friday reading list

 I came across a few good reads this week that I wanted to share: Your Tango: Is TV biased against female sexuality? The message in the ad discussed here is that “women deserve sexual satisfaction.” Now that’s a much different message than the … [Read more...]