Good TV? Yes!

Complain about harmful messages in children’s television shows, and be prepared for the attack: How dare you use television as a babysitter? How dare you consider taking a quick break from the perpetual work of parenting a small child, and pop in a … [Read more...]

Friday reading list

 I came across a few good reads this week that I wanted to share: Your Tango: Is TV biased against female sexuality? The message in the ad discussed here is that “women deserve sexual satisfaction.” Now that’s a much different message than the … [Read more...]

What does Hannah Montana have to do with fishing?

At the lake house we rented for a family vacation, there was a fishing pole. Here is my niece trying to catch a fish in the lake. The purple fishing pole reel has a Hannah Montana logo on it. I was amazed. Branded play is everywhere.It shouldn’t have … [Read more...]

Will your child eat onions if Shrek’s face is on them?

I'm not absolutely sure this isn't an April Fool's joke, but since the press release is dated May 20th, well, let's assume it's for real. Apparently Dreamworks has worked out a huge number of cross promotional deals, including one with Vidalia … [Read more...]

Millennials and their parents on the radar screen of marketers

Sometimes you find the most interesting things way down deep in an article. Here's a story from the Boston Globe about 40-something mothers with crushes on teen idols, like Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward Cullen on the Twilight movie series. Why, … [Read more...]