One Billion Rising to demand an end to violence against women

(Warning: The pictures in this post are disturbing, and I would say that they should not be viewed by children, except that, the problem is children are seeing this kind of thing. You should know.) This international event is happening tomorrow. … [Read more...]

M-rated video games cross-promoted with children’s building toys

If Halo is rated M for mature game players only, then why the cross-promotion with Megabloks, intended for ages "8 and up"? Please watch this promotional video (or see screenshots below). Please note that the video includes the Xbox logo. How … [Read more...]

On the impossibility of protecting children from media violence

When the kids were younger and watched football and baseball on television, there was a time when they were watching a game and a promo for one of the networks’ other shows came on during the commercial break. My two little boys witnessed, during the … [Read more...]

What are the messages of our violent media culture?

In case you are confused by comments in the media this week: There is in fact no doubt about whether media violence contributes to real life violence and aggression, such as that seen in Newtown a few days ago. The preponderance of evidence, and … [Read more...]

Need for look at media violence in wake of Dark Knight tragedy

After another shocking mass shooting, is it perhaps time to talk about the effects of media violence on children? It’s fairly clear that the perpetrator in the Aurora, Colorado shooting was influenced by the violence in the Batman movie series. Was … [Read more...]

Around the web raising awareness of harmful messages to children

 For today, media messages to children that parents should be aware of:Shaping Youth: Boys, Body Image and Sexualization: An Equal Opportunity Destroyer Shaping Youth photoChristian Science Monitor: Disney bans junk-food ads, but seeks to … [Read more...]

Newspapers in the classroom: sex, violence, sexual violence

(Update: They've darkened it up slightly, so the video is not quite as in-your-face as it was originally, until you move the cursor over it. Still, the half-naked woman as hostage is still plain as day when the page comes up, as well as the bloodied … [Read more...]

Violent airplane movies and traveling with children

This is what US Airways thinks is ok for children of all ages to see while riding in its planes. That is someone's head he's got the gun held to. The movie contained this and many, many other images of violence. Also a provocatively dressed woman … [Read more...]

Violent video games, your children and your right to free speech

What "Space Invaders" looks like todayThe Supreme Court has struck down a California law banning the sale of violent video games to children because, they decided, it would violate the free-speech clause of the Constitution. You can read about the … [Read more...]

Thinking about ratings creep: Lost in America to Red

The film Consuming Kids talks about ratings creep—that is, the tendency of the film rating board to allow more and more images and situations to appear in more stringently rated movies, mainly because we just get used to them. So sexual situations, … [Read more...]