Not a friend of Legos, anymore

Source: TheBrickBlogger.comLego Friends? Not your girls' friend. Did girls not have enough choices in the doll category? Why doesn’t Lego focus on creating parts for things that girls like to BUILD, instead of more dolls with a selection of handbags? … [Read more...]

Looking at ads on summer vacation

Yes, I’ve been on a bit of a blog break this summer. So, in sympathy with the children going back to school, let’s do a “What I did on my summer vacation” entry.There I was strolling along a busy city street in San Diego, enjoying the beautiful day, … [Read more...]

Percy Jackson vs. Transformers 3: Media influences on your boys. Which message do you prefer?

I came across two reviews of current media offerings directed at young boys, from the perspective of what they teach children about gender and stereotypes.The difference is stark. At Achilles Effect, Crystal Smith finds the Percy Jackson series by … [Read more...]

A reading list from the @mktgchildhood Twitter timeline

Time again for a roundup of interesting reading I have found and posted on Twitter with a focus on the topic of selling our kids to the highest bidder.(Do you follow me on Twitter? If you are interested in the topics we talk about here, then please … [Read more...]

Mainstream retailer questions the gender police. I feel giddy.

Is J. Crew a subversive company that questions the cultural paradigm? Or was the decision to publish a photo of a mother painting her small son’s toenails hot pink a deliberate business decision designed to generate controversy and therefore free … [Read more...]

BOOK – Gender stereotypes: How boys are harmed by the media’s twisted portrayal of how to be a man

Book Review The Achilles Effect: What Pop Culture is Teaching Young Boys about MasculinityMy son picked up my copy of The Achilles Effect, by Crystal Smith, and started reading aloud about toy action figures that have bulked up to superhuman … [Read more...]

Ads on school buses, ads on thighs: This week in the world of media

I have learned this week that a lot of people are interested in positive, non-sexualized images of female athletes. I’m glad. What else? Read on:These states have legislation pending to allow ads on school buses:Florida, Idaho, Kentucky, Ohio, … [Read more...]

Sexist eye on the news: Egypt

The Opinioness of the World asks, "... if 20-50% of women are protesting, why aren’t we seeing that reflected in the images shown on the news websites and networks?"People often overlook women in protests or wars, as if they are absent or … [Read more...]

Cinderella Ate My Daughter, and she’s chomping on me, too

My sister and I used to love to dress up in my mother’s old prom dress, which we found deep in a closet in the attic. It was a pale pink, with lots of fluffy petticoats.  The flouncy skirt thrilled me. It rose up and whirled with me as I spun … [Read more...]

The best gift: A chance to grow up without limits.

Decades ago, little girls (my sister and I) were playing with Legos, and they weren’t even pink. We also enjoyed playing with trucks, and dressing up in mom’s old prom dress. My boys have found cars, trucks and construction toys under the Christmas … [Read more...]